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Marketplace: Service Level Scheme are committed to offering the highest level of service to our customers and to a consistent level every time they order with us to make sure our sellers are as committed as we are we scrutinize marketplace accounts and may suspend or even close accounts if they fall below our Accepted Service Levels.

You can review how you’re performing by visiting ‘Seller Reports’ in your Marketplace account.

Accepted Service Levels: Guidelines

  • Sellers must maintain a positive feedback score of greater than 85%
  • Pre-shipped Cancel Rate of less than 2.5%

  • Late Shipment Rate of less than 5%

  • Refund Rate of less than 5%

Accounts that fall below these levels will be restricted from making sales and/or receiving marketplace offers; if the seller does not improve over 30 days the account will be closed.

Please read the terms for sellers in our Marketplace user Agreement.

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