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Returns Policy

By placing an order on or any of its international sites, you indicate that you have read and agree to the following return policies and conditions. Click here to read our web site Terms and Conditions.


If your returned product does not match all applicable criteria listed below, it may be rejected by the seller and returned back to you at your cost. Consequently, your Returns Request will be nullified, any credit request will be denied, replacement orders will not be made, and you will be charged for all shipping to and from the seller’s location that may be incurred by By requesting an Return and/or shipping a return in violation of this policy you hereby agree to accept our shipment of the return back to you and to the payment of all shipping costs to and from our seller’s location. Our arrangements with our sellers, suppliers and manufacturers allow us no room to make exceptions.


Basic Criteria


All returns must include the following:


Original packaging (manufacturer's box, Styrofoam, plastic bags, etc.)


Original intact UPC barcode. Do not cut out the UPC code (for rebates) until you have examined and tested the product to your satisfaction. Removal of the UPC code voids any possibility of return regardless of RMA or credit request status.


Original packing slip. Do not mail or dispose of the packing slip (for rebates) until you have examined and tested the product to your satisfaction.


The return must be complete and include all accessories (transformers, antennas, remote controls, batteries, software disks, etc.)


Manufacturer documentation (manuals, warranty cards, registration information, etc.)


Basic Return Policy


Unless otherwise stated below, you have 30 days from the date your product arrives to get your product returned back to us.


Except as provided for verified defective products (See Special Returns Policy for Defective Products below), you will be responsible for all shipping charges for returns.


Upon our acceptance of the merchandise in like new condition in strict conformance with the basic criteria and basic returns policy, the purchase price will be credited to the payment type used for the original purchase. For merchandise purchased with a gift coupon as the sole payment method, we will refund the balance due to you back to a new gift card unless the balance is prohibited by law.


Please allow up to 14 days from shipment for your return to arrive at the seller’s location. Note: Delivery times vary based on shipper selected. Your return will be processed within 5-7 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) after receipt of the item.


Many of the items we sell have Special Return Policies. See the appropriate policy below to see if items you purchase are affected.


The risk of loss for the product being returned shall be with you at all times during the shipment of such product to the returns center and with respect to any shipments from the returns center back to you, the original distributor or manufacturer, or any buyer through the liquidation process. Title to the product being returned will remain with you at all times and transfer from you to the original distributor, or a third party in the case of a liquidation of the return, only upon receipt of the products by such distributors or buyers.


Special Return Policy


Defective Products


Defective products can only be returned in exchange for the exact same product or - at the sole discretion of the marketplace seller - the purchase price can be refunded to the original method of payment used on the order. For defective products, a return authorization may only be granted within 45 days of the date your product left the seller (regardless of when you actually took delivery of the product).


Once your return is processed, and is verified to meet the basic criteria above and to be defective, your replacement order will be sent to fulfillment. How quickly your replacement product ships after that depends on product availability.


For products that the seller verifies to be defective, they will reimburse you for your original shipping expenses, provided that your defective return must be shipped via ground shipment only. If you return your product via a faster, more expensive shipper, you incur the expenses yourself and any request for reimbursement will be denied. cannot in its sole and absolute discretion be the sole determiner of whether a product is in fact defective. Our marketplace seller will have to decide whether a product is in fact defective and so offer a suitable alternative between replacing the product or refunding the buyer.


Marketplace Items


Marketplace Items cannot be returned to For all purchases made from Marketplace Sellers, you will need to contact the Marketplace Seller directly to determine their applicable returns policy and to schedule any allowed returns. All credits, costs and expenses regarding such returns shall be borne by either you or the Marketplace Seller.


Opened Software, Media, Games, Books


The following products, if returned opened or in a non-factory sealed box, may only be returned in exchange for the exact same product: Software, Music, Videos, DVDs, Games, and Books.


Oversize Televisions


Oversize televisions (27 inches and larger): be advised that the following responsibilities are yours upon taking delivery of your oversize television.


You must carefully inspect the box your TV comes in before the shipper leaves your premises. If you discover damage, or an incorrect item, refuse delivery. The shipper will remove the oversize TV and we will credit your order.


Do not sign the shipper's release form unless you have inspected the TV. Your acceptance of the TV constitutes your acceptance of the condition of the TV as delivered, and you understand that you cannot return the TV.


After delivery, contact the manufacturer directly or check any applicable warranty you might have. Policies