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Filing a Claim against a Seller

On this page, we explain how to file a claim and on what circumstances customers can file successful claims against marketplace sellers.

Because we want our customers to receive an outstanding service each and every time they shop with all buyers are protected by our Buy-with-Confidence Guarantee.

Essentially if as a marketplace seller you are not providing a satisfactory level of service can be asked by the buyer to step in and resolve the case or dispute. We act as intimidators and resolve the issue based on the terms of use for trading on

Customers can also file claims against marketplace sellers if they are in violation of their Statutory Rights.

How to File a Claim

  • Customers can file claims by logging in to their account, and finding the item/order in view ‘Order History’ and selecting the ‘File a Claim’ option.
  • Complete the details to raise your claim and submit it to
  • We will then contact the seller and review the case within 5-7 business days.
  • Choiceful will notify both the buyer and seller of the claim’s outcome and then close the file.

Sellers may find that their payments are placed on hold during this time, if we suspect there has been an obvious attempt at defrauding our policies or users we may also suspend sellers and close their marketplace accounts.

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