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Managing Make me an Offer

 Use “Make Me an Offer” to sell more. Give buyers a chance to negotiate the price with you. Each Offer is good for up to 48 hours.

Registered customers can use this feature to enter a quantity and set a price for the products they want. Sellers then have 48 hours to reply back, they can either accept or reject the offer. If a customer’s offer is accepted they are sent an email notification to purchase at the offer price in less than 48 hours or the offer is automatically deleted by our system.

Manage your offers by signing in to “My Account” on the right hand side under “Make Me An Offer™” buyers and sellers can view active, rejected and accepted offers.

Every new offer you submit is active for 48-hours, if the Marketplace Seller does not Accept or Reject the buyer’s offer, it is automatically Rejected by our system. If the Marketplace Seller accepts your offer it will move into the “View Accepted Offers” section, there will be an “Add to Basket” button to purchase at the agreed price and terms. Follow the instructions through our checkout to complete your order. If your offer was rejected it will move to our “View Rejected Offers” you may consider revising your offer, in which case click here on tips for getting the best deal.

After you receive a Best Offer, you can choose to


·         Accept the Offer.

·         Decline the Offer.

·         Let the offer expire after 48 hours.


We will send you an email confirmation every time you receive an offer, and notify customers if you’ve accepted or rejected their offer.


Note* Offer prices exclude shipping charges. Make me an Offer is non-binding. There is no charge to use Make me an Offer.


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Time matters when you trade on manage your offers when you’re out and about using our Choiceful Mobile app for your iPhone or iPod.


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