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Selling Fees marketplace offers an incredibly low selling commission fee that remains fixed across all departments and all items, unlike other websites where it can vary from product to product.

We charge 5% of the total order value and a fixed 25p per order

For example on an order of £15.00 (including shipping) the selling fees would be £0.75 (5% commission) + £0.25 (closing fee). Fee total £1.00

Don't Forget: When you accept offers the price accepted is the price we deduct our fees from.

Why do we charge a commission? does not sell any products, unlike other marketplace websites who compete with their sellers over prices. We charge a very reasonable fee compared to the industry average, this is to ensure our marketplace sellers:

a) can keep the majority of the profits from their sales,

b) offer the products for less compared to other leading marketplace websites and,

c) the sales commission allows us to continue to develop our services and offer more to customers and sellers.

In many cases it's often more cost effective to sell on than even your own website, payment processing charges (such as credit card processing fees) can be around 2-4% depending on the volume of business, additionally development, maintenance, server hosting and IT costs for websites can be significant for small to medium sized companies. 

At we are revolutionizing the way businesses both small and large are thinking about the future many of our sellers are expanding rapidly to cope with the demand they have witnessed of their marketplace business whilst reducing their running costs. We make it easy for businesses to focus on doing what they do best, by buying the products customers are looking for at the best prices and not have to worry about the technical problems of increasing traffic, improving user experience or marketing because we will do all of that for you.

Registration takes a few minutes, start expanding your business today.

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