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Secure Shopping

Getting Paid

In order to receive funds please make sure that you’ve provided a payment method by logging into ‘My Account’ and ‘Payment Settings’. You can chose to either receive funds into an approved bank account or Paypal account.

Verify Your Bank Details

To receive your funds sign-in to your Marketplace account and go to the ‘Payment Settings’ link:


  • Enter a valid bank account name, number with sort-code
  • Enter your Paypal account email ID


In order to verify your account; we will deposit 2 amounts in to your bank or Paypal account within 5 to 7 business days after you’ve submitted the details. Enter the amounts into your account to verify your details.


Once you have verified the account we will transfer your payment funds every 15 days of receiving your first order.

Funds received from buyers are not instantly transferred to your registered payment method for your orders; we maintain a reserve fund of 15-days in case you are liable to refund customers, and to hold reserves against customer claims will transfer your first payment into your bank/Paypal account 30-days after your first sale is complete. If you register with us on March 1st and get your first order on March 5th you will receive your first payment 30-days after your first order date, as a new Marketplace seller, and not the registration date, so fund transfer will be initiated on April 4th. Allow up to a further 5-10 business days to receive your bank/Paypal account.

The first payment is only 30-days after your first order date, following this payments resume the normal 15-day payment cycle thereafter so your next transfer will be initiated on April 19th, and then on May 4th etc.

Public Holidays

Usually it can take between 5 to 10 business days from fund transfers being initiated to being deposited into your verified bank/Paypal account. Public holidays and bank holidays may delay payments further:

Payment Reports

Marketplace seller reports can be downloaded from your account ‘Payment Settings’, you can view your payments, refunds and fees, all payment reports are available up to 12 months before they are deleted from our online systems, if you require older reports you should contact us.

*Note* we reserve the right to place your payments on hold if we do you will be contacted by email prior to the limitation taking effect.

Important: never contacts its customers or marketplace sellers to request their account details, passwords, bank account, Paypal or credit card information. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from requesting this sensitive data contact us immediately.

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