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How to Make an Offer

You must be a registered user with a account to use Make Me An Offer™

Make Me an Offer” allows you to offer all or individual Marketplace sellers a price you want to pay for any product at It is a powerful negotiation tool that allows buyers and sellers to come to an agreement over the best price for a product.

Make Me An Offer™ buttons are located on all product information pages; select the option to open another frame. Complete the form by entering the quantity you are looking to purchase and the price you want to pay per item.

View all your ‘Make Me an Offers’ and check the progress of your active offers by signing-in to ‘My Account’.

You can either select individual marketplace sellers or select ‘Make an Offer to all Sellers’ if there is more than one seller for the item, for a better chance of achieving a lower price offer.

Send’ your offer to the seller(s) and allow up to 48-hours for a reply.

Offers that are neither accepted nor rejected by sellers are automatically deleted by Choiceful after 48-hours. In those cases you may want to review your offer and submit a counter offer. Click here to read our guide on making offers to sellers.

After receiving an offer, sellers can choose to:

  • Accept the Offer.

  • Decline the Offer.

  • Let the offer expire after 48 hours.

We will send you an email confirmation every time you receive an offer, and notify customers if you’ve accepted or rejected their offer.

Note* Offer prices are excluding shipping rates. Make me an Offer is non-binding. There is no charge to use Make me an Offer.

Make me an OfferTM