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Have you received a suspicious email?

Never share personally identifiable information based on the request of someone pretending to be a representative of Instead, always log into your account for information about your orders or contact us.

If you receive a suspicious email that purports to come from, you might have been the target of a "phishing" scam.

Phishing (pronounced "fishing") is a common internet scam where a perpetrator sends out official looking emails that appear to come from the internet's biggest web sites in an illegal attempt to gather personal financial information from the recipient. Phishing is also called "carding" or "spoofing."

Phishing scams start out by trying to contact and confuse the victim with a phony order confirmation and then move on to collecting credit card information under the pretense of trying to clear up the victim's account.

Phishers camouflage their emails by using actual company logos, similar email formats, and links to legitimate web pages hosted by the legitimate company.

Phishing is a variation of the word fishing. It only takes one or two guileless victims to make it worth the while of the scam artist.

If you suspect you have been phished, forward the e-mail to us immediately. Policies