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Got a Problem with a Delivery?

My Products Have Arrived Damaged

In most cases it’s because the carriers have damaged the product in transit due to miss-handling of the item. Visit our Returns Centre so that the seller can be notified, and then can arrange collection with you before either giving a refund or sending a replacement item.

Please read our Return Policy

An Item is Missing from my Shipment

First, check the order status and make sure that we’ve dispatched your products for each order ID. If you still can't find the item, contact Customer Support.

My Product is Missing Parts

Because of the vast inventory we carry, we do not have any additional product information other than what is available in our product descriptions shown on our website and since each Manufacturer packages each product, we do not have extra parts available to ship.

You can either contact the manufacturer for the part that was not included or was damaged, or you can return the product to the seller for a credit or for a replacement shipment.

In most cases, we ask that you contact the manufacturer directly because they ask for serial numbers, box UPC codes, and registration information, all of which are now in your possession.

Please also feel free to contact the manufacturer for product information not displayed on our web site, such as technical specifications or compatibility with other products.

If you would like to return a product, please read our Return Policy

Tracking Indicates the Package as Delivered, but you haven’t Received It

If tracking indicates the package has been delivered, it could be somewhere safe. Please check your office, porch, garage, bushes and with your neighbour.

If you still are not able to locate the package and it is past the shipping timeframe, please email Customer Support so we may be able to resolve the issue.

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