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Delivery of Large Items

Some products may require special handling or delivery using a special carrier due to its large size or weight.

The freight carrier will contact you 24-48 hours prior to delivery to arrange a delivery time. The phone number used to contact you will be the daytime and evening phone numbers provided during checkout. Available delivery times will vary depending on the freight carrier’s schedule.

Before signing the carrier’s delivery receipt please inspect the carton for any damage; crushing, dents, creasing, etc., and note this on the delivery receipt. Once you sign the delivery receipt and accept the shipment the driver will depart and it will be your responsibility to unpack the item. The driver is not required to wait for you to un-wrap the item and inspect it unless there is visible damage to the package.

If, during delivery, it is obvious that there is damage, you may ask the driver to open the carton and inspect the contents with you. Upon inspection, if damage is found you may refuse the shipment and write, "Refused, due to damage" on the delivery receipt. Be sure to keep a copy of the delivery receipt with your damage notations and contact the Seller immediately. After accepting delivery, please keep all packaging materials for 30 days in case you discover damage or defects after delivery.

Most oversized items will be delivered only to the nearest ground-level entrance of your home, business, or residence. Exceptions include apartments, unusual driveways, or any other obstacles which impede delivery. Some freight carriers may be able to carry your item into a specific room or up stairs for an additional fee. Please note any further carrying will be at the responsibility of the buyer, or person(s) accepting the delivery.

*For apartment residents, the delivery will be brought to either the apartment loading dock, or the nearest ground level entry of the apartment building. Depending on the apartment building, some deliveries must be left at the apartment’s main office.

Additional fees may apply for the following:


Redelivery fees will be charged if you miss your delivery appointment. The decision to reattempt delivery is made solely at the freight carrier’s discretion. Your item may be returned to the Sellers fulfillment warehouses if the freight carrier is unable to contact you for delivery or if you miss your delivery appointment. In these situations, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Storage Charge:

Once the freight carrier has contacted you to arrange a delivery time, you must respond to their call within 1 business day. If the freight carrier has not heard from you and needs to store your item, you will be charged daily storage fees or as deemed appropriate by the carrier. These daily storage fees may also apply if you cannot accept the delivery within 3 business days of the carrier contacting you.

Refused Delivery:

If you refuse or return a non-defective or undamaged item, you will be responsible for all actual return shipping costs. Return shipping fees vary, depending on the size and weight of the item. Some items may also incur a restocking fee ranging from 15% to 25% of the item’s price. Return shipping fees should be paid directly to the freight carrier in advance. If not paid in advance, your return shipping fees may be deducted from your refund after the item is received at the Sellers warehouse.

Time Definite Fee:

Freight carriers will do their best to arrange a convenient delivery time with you. If you need to request a specific delivery time outside their normal business hours, a “Time Definite” fee ranging from 25% to 50% may apply. Available delivery times are made solely at the freight carrier’s discretion, and certain days and times may not be available in all areas.

Stair Carry/Extra Labor Fee:

If you would like your item carried inside your residence, have it upackaged/assembled, or carried up any flights of stairs, extra fees may apply.* Residences or businesses that have steep uphill or downhill slopes leading to the entryway may also be charged additional fees. These fees will vary depending on your individual circumstances.

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