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Ordering Items from Different Sellers

Occasionally customers may have to buy products from different sellers in a single order, as not all sellers sell the same product ranges. allows buyers to do that easily, as we offer a single shopping basket that provides seamless integration to thousands of suppliers worldwide. Before you finalize your orders please make sure you have checked estimated delivery times and delivery charges for each supplier, as these will often vary considerably (depending on if the seller is locally-based).

Each separate seller will be handling all aspects of their part of your Marketplace order. If you have questions regarding your shipment or item, please contact the seller directly. You can locate each of the seller's email in the Marketplace order detail in My Account. Additionally, you can view the seller's email in the order confirmation email.

Gift-Options when Ordering from Different Marketplace Sellers

Products will arrive separately from each seller, if you have selected the gift option (if available), this will mean that separate gift parcels are dispatched. Please also note that not all sellers offer a gift-option. Our recommendation is you have the products arrive at a single destination, i.e. your flat or home, and combine parcels, if your products are to be given as gifts.