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Buyer’s Guide: Make Me an Offer

Do your research

  • Learn all you can about the item. Read the item description carefully. Make sure you understand details about shipping and payment options. Don’t make assumptions about details that aren't included in the description.
  • Check the seller's Feedback. From the listing, click the Read feedback profile link. You'll see what other buyers have to say about doing business with the seller.
  • Research the item's value. Look at similar completed listings using the completed listings search. You can also visit online stores that sell similar items to help determine what the item is worth.

Consider your buying options

  • Determine the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for the item. Take into consideration what the item is worth to you, how difficult it will be for you to find another one, and how soon you need it. Then determine the highest price that you're willing to pay.
  • Understand what entering an offer means.
  • Make every offer a serious one. Don't offer on multiple similar items from different sellers if you only want one.
  • Finally, come up with a price that you believe would be the best price for both you and the seller and make an offer for that amount. In some categories, you and the seller can change offers until you come to a price you both agree on.

Now that you’re ready to make an offer, Good Luck!

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