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Listing Products & Managing Listings

Listing Products

There are a number of ways to list your products, note you must be a registered Marketplace Seller in order to list products.

You can choose to do it in either of the following ways:

  1. Product information pages contain a “Sell Yours Here” link at the bottom of the “Buying Choices” box, use this, if you are already signed in you can set the price, delivery cost, delivery method and follow the instructions to list your product. The new listing will be available to view or edit in “Manage Listings”.

    You can “Add New Listings” from the “Manage Listings” option in “My Account” simply enter the name of the product you are looking for, just as you would if you were searching for a product to purchase, and select the “Sell Yours” button, follow the instructions to add your listing.

  2. For sellers with large inventories it’s much faster to use our “Bulk Upload Inventory” feature you’ll find this in “My Account” under the “Manage Listings” option. Download the sample file template and upload your data in the same format either as a text or CSV file.

    This method can also be used as a quick way of refreshing your data regularly and making sure all the important details relating to pricing, quantity available etc are correct.

    Note: It can take up to 24 hours for bulk listings to appear in the “Manage Listings” section. Once your bulk listings are approved we’ll send you an email confirmation.

  3. Can’t find your products? Add your products into our inventory using our “Create a New Product Page” feature. You’ll find this in “Manage Listings” it’s an easy to follow step-by-step process of creating a product page on and our international locations. Particularly useful for manufacturers and distributors who want to get their products noticed and available in a hurry.

Note: New Product Pages are uploaded to every 48 hours. Please do not contact us if your new listings are not visible until after this period. To complete the upload across our international sites it may take longer.

Editing and Deleting Listings

Sellers can edit and delete any or all listings by logging into “My Account” and “Manage Listings”. Changes are made instantly to the active listing on the site.

You can search through your listings and fields can be sorted using the arrows at the top of each column for easier browsing.

You can edit the following:

  • Quantity
  • Comments
  • Sell Price
  • Minimum Price *(if disabled for your listing the Min Price will be the same as your Sell Price)
  • Standard Delivery Price
  • Express Delivery Price *(if disabled for your listing it will appear as an empty field, if you would like to offer the service delete the active listing and relist the product)

To delete listings check the box on the left hand side and select the “Delete Listings” option from the drop-down menu and push “Go”.

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