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When you create a product detail page, you are creating a new page on the website where it might be used by other Marketplace sellers to list and sell their inventory of the same product.

We only require product specific information in the name, key features and description. Please do not use words to describe the products condition, for example “New” or “Used”. Instead describe the features as printed on the box or package, generally manufacturers provide key product information to help customers understand the general specifics of the item. Please do not include “how to use” instructions.

You may describe specific information about your item later, when you'll enter its condition, the quantity you have for sale, the price, and other specific comments. Product detail pages that contain product specific information for example details about the condition are subject to removal.

Examples of terms not to be used

New - Excellent Condition

Used - Slightly Damaged Packaging

Dispatched on the same day

Fast delivery etc.

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