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Returns and Refunds

On this page you’ll learn how to handle return requests from buyers as a marketplace seller and understand our guidelines on how to process returns and refunds.

Most items are sold easily. But occasionally, if a buyer is unhappy with an item, you'll be required to receive a returned item and refund the buyer.

Customers can return any part of whole order within 30-days of receipt when they shop at, read our Returns Policy.

Our 30-Day Returns Guarantee

To make sure we offer an excellent service each and every time you place an order with our marketplace Sellers provide a 30-day no-hassle returns guarantee. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase from If you are unhappy for any reason you can return any item back to the Seller in its original condition up to 30-days after receiving your order.

There are specific rules regarding refunding of delivery charges and gift-wrapping. Read more Returns Policy.

Our Returns Policy does not affect your Statutory Rights.

Receiving a Returns Request

We suggest you contact the buyer and discuss the available options, for example the customer might be quite happy for you to send a replacement if the item is broken or on the other hand, might demand a refund. Understanding what the customer wants is the first step of resolving any potential disputes easily.

If you reach an agreement with the buyer for a full refund, the buyer should ship the item back to you.

Ask the buyer to use tracking or a Delivery Confirmation number so you know when the package is in transit, and are able to confirm that you received it.

Damaged Products

For packages sent by marketplace sellers where the contents have become damaged during delivery you have the right to return the products either for a full refund or replacement items within days of receipt. For guidance on how to return products click here

Defective Products

Products that become defective are normally better handled by the manufacturer as they can either cover the damage under the products warranty or send you a replacement free of cost. If you are unsure about whom the manufacturers are for your product contact the Seller and request the information. However, if within 30-days of receipt the product becomes defective you can return the product back to the Seller under our 30-day Returns Guarantee for a full refund or replacement product.

Products that become defective after 30-days can be more swiftly resolved by the manufacturer as they normally offer an extended product warranty; you may still wish to contact the Marketplace Seller for additional returns information.

Incorrect Items

Incorrect items can either be products ordered mistakenly or wrong items sent by the seller. If either is the case click here for further instructions on how to return the incorrect items. Please leave the products intact and unused as this may affect your returns liability, If you would like the Marketplace Seller to send out the correct ordered products enter this information when completing your returns request and they can arrange redelivery with you.

Courier Collection of Large Items

If you Notice Damage and if the Driver has not left your Location:

Have the driver note on the delivery paperwork that the item has been received in a damaged condition, and that you are refusing the shipment. The driver will then take the damaged item and return it to our marketplace Seller. Once tracking shows the item as being refused, you can contact the seller and they will issue a replacement or a refund without being penalized in any way.

If the Damage is noticed after the Driver has Left your Location:

  1. Immediately contact the carrier that delivered your item to alert them of the situation.
  2. Immediately contact the seller to report the situation. Details such as: package condition, how it was received (left at front door, signed for), description of the nature of the damage, are very helpful.
  3. Do not discard any of the shipping box or packing materials.
  4. Do not discard the product itself. (It may be necessary for the carrier that delivered the item to return to do an inspection report on the damage).
  5. Does not simply ship the item back to the seller without first being instructed to do so. Taking this action may result in a denial of a damaged item claim per shipping carrier’s claims guidelines.

Guidance Refund Policy

All returned items are inspected when they arrive back at our sellers processing facility. Sellers must refund the full cost of the merchandise and all original shipping charges if the return is a result of their error or defective product.

If the return is not a result of our sellers error and you initiate a return of an unopened item within 30 days of delivery,* they must refund the full cost of the merchandise minus the original shipping charge and actual return shipping fees.

If you return an item that has been opened or shows signs of wear, sellers can issue a partial refund minus both original shipping charge and return shipping fees. Products decrease in value over time. Therefore, reduced refunds for returns you initiate more than 30 days after delivery or received at our sellers returns processing facility within 45 days.

You can expect your refund up to four weeks of shipping your package back to the seller. In many cases you will receive a refund sooner, but we estimate four weeks because of the time required for return shipping (up to 14 days), product inspection at their returns facility (up to 5 business days), and our processing time from your bank or credit card company (up to 5 business days). We will notify you via email with the details of your refund, and we issue refunds in the form of payment used to make your purchase.

Delivery Rates for Returned Items offers a guidance policy with respect to refunds, as each case is unique to each seller it is ultimately between the buyer and seller to compromise on whether an order should be fully or partially refunded. offers buyers the option to “File a Claim” against any seller that they feel is not honoring our guidance refunds policy, we can then look into the case and decide upon an outcome based on our Buy-With-Confidence Guarantee

Calculating Delivery Rates for Returns

Returning items is normally free of charge however if you are returning the product and it is not as a result of an error made by the seller you will be charged for returning the item(s).

Our Returns Policy does not affect your Statutory Rights.

Claims and Disputes

If the buyer asks to review a case for an item not matching the listing description, and we determine that the buyer is owed a full refund, we'll put the case on hold for 10 days and ask the buyer to ship the item back to you.

If a case was opened and we have confirmation that you received the item, within 3 days we'll provide a full refund to the buyer that covers the cost of the item and original shipping.

If Choiceful finds in favor of the buyer in a case, we may seek reimbursement from your payment account or other reimbursement payment method on file in accordance with our Buy-With-Confidence Guarantee.

Buyers are required to pay return shipping, except for rare situations when a buyer and seller agree to another arrangement.

Refund deadlines

If you've agreed to issue a refund for an item, you must do so within 3 days of promising the refund or within 5 business days of receiving the returned item.

It's important that you refund the buyer using the same payment method used to buy the item. This prevents buyers from getting two refunds - one from you and one from their credit card company.

If the buyer doesn't receive the refund within 3 days, the buyer can ask Choiceful to help. If you agreed to refund a buyer but haven't provided one, Choiceful will refund the buyer:

  • Choiceful will deduct the amount of the refund from your Payments account.
  • If there aren't sufficient funds in your Payments account, we'll ask for or use a different reimbursement method.
  • If you've already designated a preferred payment method, we'll deduct funds from that account.
  • If you haven't assigned a reimbursement payment method, Choiceful will ask you to do so.
  • If you don't reply to a case within the resolution timelines or if you and the buyer can't reach an agreement, Choiceful will review the case and come to a decision. If we find in favor of the buyer, we'll refund the buyer directly and recover the amount of the refund from you. We'll either deduct the amount of the refund from your Payments account, or from your preferred reimbursement payment method. Either way, we'll let you know when we're seeking reimbursement.
  • If we're unable to recover the amount of the refund from you, your account may be limited or suspended until payment is made.

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