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A to Z: How to write product reviews allows you to add product reviews to help other sellers make informed choices about the suitably of products for themselves.

How to Create Reviews

Writing reviews is simple and straight-forward, find the product you would like to review, scroll down to the ‘Reviews’ heading and select ‘Write a Review’

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See all your Reviews

To view all the reviews that you have written, login to ‘My Account’ select ‘See All My Reviews’

Tips on Writing Helpful Reviews

Here are some of our tips in writing great reviews:

Be Opinionated

First and foremost, don't forget that you're being paid to draw a conclusion. Too many novice reviewers tend to be a little wishy-washy in their pieces. Instead, be bold and strong but not cruel. Nasty reviews tend to have the opposite effect on audiences than was intended, because readers feel sorry for the subject of the review. Remember that you aren't writing your review to make friends; your mission is to fairly inform the public of your experiences, positive or negative.

Add Facts

Most reviews mix facts with the basic opinions. Such information could include the running length of a movie or the cast names and characters. Without adding factual elements to your critique, it will be short of substance and leave the reader without the opportunity to find out for him- or herself whether you were on the mark or missed it completely.

Be Detailed

If you didn't like a novel, make sure you explain why. Don't just say, "This book was dull." Instead, describe what made it so boring. Was it too long? Was the writing pedantic? Was the prose flowery and virtually unreadable? Was the plot confusing? You want your audience to understand exactly why you had the reaction you did to the item or place you reviewed.

Add Some Humor

Sometimes, you can spice up a review with a little well-placed humor. In fact, many critics are known for their wit.

Give Suggestions

Finally, it's appropriate to always give your readers suggestions. If you're reviewing the latest book by Mrs. Jane Smith but you were unmoved by her passages, you might want to suggest that readers might try and borrow the book rather than buying it.

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