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Choiceful Marketplace Seller's Guide.

Begin Selling on Marketplace Marketplace makes it easy to list and sell your products on Anyone can sell anything all you need to get started is a valid bank account for your payments to complete the registration application.

Pricing Your products

Marketplace Sellers on must list the item price and overall shipped price on at or below the prices they list on their own website and other sales channels.

The item price excludes any shipping and handling fee. The shipped price includes the product price and shipping.

Listing Your Products

All approved sellers can list their products on product pages. Marketplace offers two options for sellers to list their products.

List a Single Item: Sellers will list products one at a time by using the link in their seller account by clicking on the link Bulk Upload Listing.
All listings will expire after 30 days and sellers should be updating their listings every week to ensure they are up to date.

Filling an Order Marketplce sellers are required to ship items to buyers within two business days of receiving their order. When an item is sold, the seller receives a notification email containing the buyers shipping information. Sellers can also monitor their seller account for new orders.

Order Confirmation

Sellers are required to confirm shipment once they have shipped an order to a buyer. All orders must be marked as shipped in two business days. Sellers do this from within their seller account (inside their My Account) by inputting the Shipping Quality, Ship Date, "Tracking Number", shipping courier and using the drop-down menu to select the quantity shipped. Tracking information is required for all orders.

We ask that sellers who are unable to fulfill their orders contact buyers regarding the cancellation of an order.

Shipping Options

Sellers at are required to ship all products via a standard shipping method with a level of service at least equal to Standard Domestic Mail Service. Shipments sent via standard shipping are expected to arive in the buyer's hands within 4-14 business days from the date of purchase.

Sellers can offers buyers expendited shipping. If a buyer selects expendited shipping, the order must arrive within 3-6 business days from the shipment date.

Sellers can select the expedited service if offerd, and can charge a higher amount for shipping charges, on a listing-by-listing basis.


Sellers must ship all orders in packaging that is secure enough to minimize the chance of damage during shipping. Both the shipping address and the return address must be printed legibly on every package. Every package. Every package must also include the packing slip, which includes in each order notification available in My Account.

Refunding Buyers

After a seller has confirmed shipment of an item, the seller always has the option to give either a full refund or a partial refund to a buyer. There is no limitation on the number of partial refunds but refunds cannot exceed the amount of the order. Sellers are welcome to refund a buyer up to 60 days after the order date. Seller are required to have a refund rate of 5% or less to remain active in our marketplace.

Seller Payments Marketplace payment periods for sellers will at the end of each month. Sellers should recieve them in thier bank account within 5 business days at the begining of each month. If either of these days is a bank holidays payment will be sent the following day. Please note in accordance with our buy-with-confidence guarantee will reserve the 15 days payment for an indefinite period or untill the account is closed to limit the activity of fraudulent sellers.

Payments are made via bank transfer and all sellers in's Marketplace are required to have a valid bank account in the country they are selling that will accept these payments. All Orders marked as shipped and/or refunds made against orders during the pay period will be included in the payment. Sellers must have a positive balance in their seller account to qualify for that period.

Buyer Satisfaction

Our customers have come to expect great service from and we protect that expectation with the Buyer Guarntee, which ensures that our buyers receive their orders as promised. Sellers may be required to submit proof of shipment if a buyer makes a Guarantee claim against a seller.

Seller Feedback

Our Marketplace website posts feedback from our buyers regarding their experiences with our sellers. We will only edit feedback for profanity or in instances where buyers have left personally indentifying infromation. We do not remove buyer feedback simply because it reflects negatively on your seller review score,
please work to resolve any issues with your buyers, Sellers accounts with a feedback rating below 2 stars will be closed over any 3 month period.

Dispute Resolution

If a seller follows the Marketplace Participation Agreement when listing, selling and shipping their item and, can document shipment to customer or taht the buyer received the correct item usually does not hold the seller responsible for the reimbursement of the claim. Otherwise wil usually debit the reimbursement of the claim from the seller's account.

When a Guarantee Claim or a chargeback is submitted by a buyer will contact the seller for any relevant information for the claim. The seller has two business days to respond to the claim with requested information. If a seller doesn't respond their account will be debited for the claim. When appropriate, will review all relevant details associated with the Guranatee claim or Chargeback for both seller and buyer involved in the claim. This may include, but is not limited to account history, comments regarding the Guranatee claim or Chargeback, shipping and tracking information, and other relevant details.