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Choiceful Buying Guarantee - Buy with 100% Confidence

Terms and Conditions of Choiceful Buy-With-Confidence Guarantee Full Choiceful Buyer Protection We're committed to making sure you can purchase items from Sellers on Choiceful with complete confidence, knowing we're here to help if you have problems. Choiceful Buyer Protection helps you if an item doesn’t arrive, or doesn't match its description in the listing. To take advantage of the Choiceful Buyer Protection policy, buyers should first contact the seller and attempt to resolve the issue directly. If the buyer doesn’t hear from the seller or can’t resolve the issue with the seller, the buyer can file a claim under the Choiceful Buyer Protection policy. Conditions under which a claim can be filed by the buyer under the Choiceful Buyer Protection policy. Buyers can file a claim under the Choiceful Buyer Protection policy only when all of the following are true: You are an ...Read more

Returns and Refunds Policy

By placing an order on or any of its international sites, you indicate that you have read and agree to the following return policies and conditions. Click here to read our web site Terms and Conditions.   If your returned product does not match all applicable criteria listed below, it may be rejected by the seller and returned back to you at your cost. Consequently, your Returns Request will be nullified, any credit request will be denied, replacement orders will not be made, and you will be charged for all shipping to and from the seller’s location that may be incurred by By requesting an Return and/or shipping a return in violation of this policy you hereby agree to accept our shipment of the return back to you and to the payment of all shipping costs to and from our seller’s location. Our arrangements with our sellers, ...Read more

Shipping Rates

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  • Standard Delivery within the UK
  • Estimated Delivery:
    3-5 working days
  • Prices:
    Calculated per item delivery rates
  • Gift Options:
    Available during checkout
  • Express Delivery within the UK
  • Estimated Delivery:
    3-5 working days
  • Availability:
    Seller only offers this on selected items

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This approved marketplace seller is committed to our marketplace policy, and will provide each customer with highest level of customer service standards. All orders placed with the seller are protected by our buy-with-confidence guarantee.


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