How to Ensure your Website Attracts Customers


James / Published on December 8, 2013

It can be hard to attract customers to your site when there is so much competition, especially if you are a small business.

As the digital world evolves, new ways of attracting customers come to light.

Here are the best ways to ensure your website attracts traffic;

Content Creation

Content really is king on the web. It’s what turns consumers into customers and is essential for every business if they want to get noticed. Think about exactly who your target market is and what interests them. What problems can you solve? How can you entertain them?

PR via Social Media

Facebook and YouTube are the second and third most visited websites in the world. Let that sink in for a moment! Social Media is the way forward when it comes to promoting your website. Use the same social channels as your target market and ensure you have a cohesive strategy in place to secure a strong presence on these platforms.

Guest Blogs

Guest blogging on influential sites in your industry helps get you in front of a larger audience and is step towards asserting your position as business.This is a great way to send targeted traffic to your website.

Interview Experts

People love to read interviews about people they admire or like. Bag yourself an interview with a top dog related to your business and you will likely attract lots of customers to your site. Just make sure your promote it properly via social media and other channels!

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