DIY Garden Goodies


Edwina / Published on May 8, 2013

As we mentioned in a few of our previous blog posts, there are various things you could do to lure guests into your garden – hosting a memorable garden party beneath your gazebo, or getting green fingered to colour your garden. However, if you want to be a cut above the rest, here are some unusually creative ideas…
Build your own barrel BBQ
It’s fair game to have your own run of the mill BBQ, but here is a guide to building your own from a barrel. Atop of being likened to industrial-sized BBQs you’re more likely to find in the States, it has its own DIY aesthetic appeal. You can say proudly that it came out of your own workshop as opposed to the local home and garden suppliers…
Create art
You don’t have to just plant your flowers in the ground. This image here shows how you can utilize an old frame, wire mesh and existing plants to create some unique art you could hang from gazebo posts, or any vertical surface. 
DIY light
Instead of the usual solar lights you find populating gardens, recycle an old wine bottle to make your very own tiki torch. Filling it with citronella oil has the added benefit of warding off flying insects so your guests can relax without buzzing distractions.
Don’t forget to visit our garden centre for accessories you’ll need for creating these goodies, and our Pinterest page for inspiration. 
If you have any tips to share, head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and enlighten the rest of our readers!

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