5 Cheap Ways to Design and Decorate your Bedroom


Emma / Published on October 1, 2013

How do I give my bedroom a makeover, you may wonder?
There are ways you can decorate your bedroom other than painting it.
We have gathered 5 cheap ways to design and decorate your bedroom to turn it from so-so to oh so fabulous!
1. Add a touch of old school glamour with a fire-screen
If you want your bedroom to look more glamourous, use a pretty fire-screen in your bedroom and place it in the corner as a mini dressing room like the olden days.
It will instantly give your room an air of elegance. We especially love this one here for your bedroom.
2. Buy a headboard for your bed
If your bed doesn’t have one, a quick and cheap way to decorate your bedroom is to have a headboard which fits in with the room and makes your bed look gorgeous.
You can choose between metal ones, leather ones or even plain ones if that’s what you would prefer. 
Take a look at Dreams for affordable headboards.
3. Hang a graphic sheet on a wall
You can get these amazing graphic designs printed onto stickers now, so why not choose a design then place it on one of your bedroom walls?
You can get them for as cheap as £9.99, but if you want a wider range you may have to spend a little more. We highly recommend visiting this site for a great variety of graphic designs for your bedroom - http://www.mywallstickers.co.uk.
4. Feng shui your room
This one doesn’t cost a thing at all! If you are unsure of what feng shui exactly means, it is an ancient art and science which originated from China over 3,000 years ago.
It is all to do with balancing the energy of your room to ensure good health and fortune of those who live in it.
Basically, it involves moving around your furniture until the balance is right. You can either click here for feng shui tips, or just re-arrange your room until you feel that it looks its best whilst utilising the space effectively.
5. Wallpaper your drawers
Drawers are the one piece of furniture in a bedroom that is usually overlooked, but you can easily enhance your bedroom by simply pasting wallpaper over your drawers.
Choose a pattern or colour that fits in nicely with your room to bring your bedroom’s theme together. 
This doesn’t take long to do, and even better, is how cheap it is to implement!
So there we have it, we hope we have given you some food for thought !
If you are looking to do some painting and decorating, you can check our site to see if there is anything you need.

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