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Edwina / Published on April 4, 2013

We recently posted about selling your very own craft items, covering everything you need to know, from pricing to presenting your item. It’s becoming evident that household incomes are tight, and people are wanting to squeeze out cash where they can. Making money out of domestic items that you no longer have a use for can release a sense of accomplishment, but some people have gone a step further by making this venture their main source of income. They are turning their hobbies into a full time job.
So why should you use the Internet to sell products online? There are more than a few reasons, but here’s just a few that could sway you:
• Seeing as you’re selling on the world wide web, your target will be just that. A worldwide audience
• Online selling means potential buyers on various different time zones can browse your products, so that you’re essentially providing a round-the-clock service 
• It’s cheap to do! It’s likely you’ll have little more than yourself in terms of staff, so your costs boil down mainly to distribution of your products and however much you choose to spend on advertising
• It acts as an outlet for you to showcase your best work. So if you’ve got a talent, flaunt it!
Here are Choiceful, you can do exactly that. So you could have garden items that would be ideal over at our Home and Garden section, or maybe you’ve handcrafted some jewellery that would sit perfectly on our Health and Beauty page. Either way, take a look at our page and see what online selling could do for you.
Keep us posted by dropping a line on our Twitter or Facebook page. Happy selling!

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