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Aimee / Published on January 24, 2013

Nowadays, the rise in online stores has led to the vast majority of shoppers turning to the internet to make their purchases, with The BBC reporting that several high street shops have greatly suffered as a result of better deals and the convenience of shopping online.
This is great news for online sellers - now is your chance to make a tidy sum from selling online.
Choiceful’s marketplace is ideal because we allow you to sell absolutely anything, from home and garden through to products in the health and beauty category.
Here are our 5 top tips for selling online:

1. Know your customers: Find out who your target market is, and research in-depth about them. Understanding their needs and online behaviours is the key to making sales.

2. Deliver excellent customer service:  Providing excellent customer service instils loyalty so your customers are more likely to return to you in the future. Build up a good reputation online as a seller will also help attract new customers.

3. Social media is your best friend: What better way to establish your reputation than by taking advantage of social media? Everyone uses social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, so spread your products across all the popular social networks with ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘tweet’ buttons.

4. Offer a variety of payment options: Not everyone has a credit card, so make sure you don’t limit your customer base early on.

5. Price competitively: There are loads of price comparison websites out there, so make sure you know what your competitors are offering before deciding on price.

At, we only charge 5% commission for every completed sale, which is really low compared to the average 20% on other leading marketplaces, so you get more of the profit, meaning you can make more money by selling via Choiceful.
Take a look at our marketplace now to start selling your used goods online.

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