A beginners guide to DIY for Women


Emma / Published on December 10, 2013

When it comes to DIY, many women tend to believe it’s far easier to call a handyman than attempt to doing it on their own.

There are, however, a lot of handy-work jobs that women are more than capable of – all that is needed is a little knowledge and practice!

So for all the times you wish you had the same skills as your boyfriend or husband, or when you can’t afford to hire a handyman, here is a beginner’s guide to DIY for women.

How to Hang a Picture

Once you learn the skill of putting up pictures on your walls, you can get excited about decorating and designing your home even further.

Firstly, take a ruler and mark where you want the picture to hang with a pencil, but check you are not above or below any light switches or sockets as you run the risk of drilling into wires or cables.

Mark the centre of the picture where the nail will go in and either use a hammer and a nail, or drill a hole and use a screw.

The main thing with hanging pictures is making sure it is straight so using a ruler is essential if the picture is a large one and needs more than one nail.

How to Paint Walls

There is no better way to freshen up your bedroom or living room by giving it a fresh lick of paint or even a brand new colour. Anyone can paint their own walls but it may seem daunting for those who are new to DIY.

At first you need to prep the surface to make sure the end-result looks perfect. The walls need to be evened out so there are no holes, cracks or dents. This may require scraping, sanding or patching but it’s a necessity if you want your room to look great.

Use masking tape to cover skirting boards and around the doorframes, any windows and ceiling so you don’t get paint on them.

Begin with the top half of the wall to prevent drips going onto any painted areas. Dip the roller into the paint until it is nicely covered but not dripping.

Paint up the wall then when you get to the top, turn the paint roller sideways, then zigzag back down. 

When painting, it should sound wet. When it loses that moist sound, you need to dip your roller again.

Paint your room twice for even coverage but if you are using a dark colour, it may need three layers.

How to Bleed a Radiator

Knowing how to bleed a radiator is very useful and probably one of the most important DIY skills, especially when the weather gets cold. First check to see which radiators need bleeding. Turn on your heating and check if any part of the radiator isn’t heating up (it’s usually the top of them).

To bleed the radiators, make sure the central heating is turned off and the radiators are cold. You will needa radiator key or a flat-blade screwdriver that will work for modern radiators.

There will be a valve at the top of the radiators edge where you can attach the radiator key to the square in the centre or where you canput the screwdriver in.

Use a cloth to hold the key or screwdriver and have another cloth ready to catch any drips, and then slowly turn it anti-clockwise. 

There will be a hissing noise when the trapped gas escapes so when this stops the valve needs to be closed quickly.

How to Unblock a Drain

Women often find their shower or bath gets blocked due to hair being trapped so knowing how to unblock a drain is very handy – and easy too!

Use awire coat hanger to stick down the drain and dislodge any stuck debris. If this doesn’t work, use a plunger to bring any buildup to the surface. 

It’s also worth buying a chemical drain unblocker from a supermarket for any really stubborn blocked drains.

We hope this beginner’s guide helps you ladies with tackling DIY jobs, therefore saving money and being proud that you can do it on your own!

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