Will Food Scooters Be the Next Big Thing for Budding Entrepreneurs?


Edwina / Published on March 19, 2013

With business ideas being thrown back and forth constantly, the thought of starting your own is surely daunting. However, a new craze seems to have hit the streets.

Investor and serial entrepreneur, Howard Leonhardt, has spruced up what we know as food trucks, but condensed them into its less bulky cousin – the food scooter.  And thus Food Trikes and Scooters was born. These basic scooters are kitted out so that they’re ready to sell food, and then Leonhardt sells these to entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs are to then agree to buy and sell food from one of Food Trikes and Scooters’ associated kitchens, which at present are only Los Angeles kitchens. But who’s to say how far this can expand? After hearing this plan, America’s fast food restaurant chain Chick-fil-A have already enquired how much it would cost to acquire 2,100 retrofitted scooters.  

For a down payment that is less than 10% of the retail cost of the scooter (a full-service food truck can cost over £65,000), even entrepreneurs with poor or not credit can begin running their own business. Leonhardt also developed an app with InVenture to help entrepreneurs manage their day-to-day tasks, and to alert Food Trikes and Scooters for any struggling folk. 

With the need to be more creative in ways to make money, will you be keeping an eye out for food scooters?

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