Why You Need To Create a Mobile Version of Your Website


Emma / Published on November 22, 2013

In today’s day and age, we are all glued to our mobiles.

You only have to look on the street, in restaurants and yes even at work, to see people are addicted to their smartphones.

Think about it; when was your phone more than a few feet away from you? 

Your website needs to be ready to compete with all of your competitors who do have mobile site.

If a customer decides on a whim that they want to buy or find more information about your product, and you don't have a mobile ready site to support that desire, you could lose out on that all important customer.

We live in a world where customers expect things instantly, and if you cant give deliver, you better believe your competitor can!

Mobile Usage on the Rise

The number of people using their mobiles has risen dramatically over the past couple of years with tablets overtaking desktop devices for conversation rates for the first time ever in 2013.

This shows the change in consumer behaviour when it comes to online shopping.

Consumers rarely sit watching TV these days.

More and more people are shopping from the comfort of their living rooms using mobile phones or tablets and unless your website supports this, you're missing out on a huge chunk of potential traffic. 

Mobile sites Encourage Conversions

The best sites don't just support mobile - they encourage it. 

If you're inspired by a TV advert, you're going to search for it on your mobile but if you are presented with a site that isn’t optimised for mobile, you will likely be turned off and forget why you were motivated to go there in the first place.

However, when you visit a site which is simple, clear and easy to navigate, you are much more likely to complete that impulse purchase right there on the couch.

More Completed Purchases on Mobile Devises

Your phone is a fraction of the size of a computer or tablet screen, and it's the companies that develop websites that are optimized for use on small screens that are really seeing an increase in mobile phone traffic convert into sales. 

Icons on your webpage that may be practical on a computer may be nearly impossible to use on a mobile phone, and the frustration of constantly trying to pinch and zoom may force your customers to a more useable site. 

As more companies adapt their websites for ease of use on these devises, customers are beginning to expect websites that are mobile friendly, so if you haven’t invested in a mobile site yet, now is the time.

Visit our mobile site by opening Choiceful.com on your smartphone/mobile

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