Why seller ratings matter and how to ensure positive feedback


Aimee / Published on February 7, 2013

Seller ratings are important if you want your business to thrive. Customers will give you feedback on your business and the service you provided, so if you’re given a low seller rating, even once, it can really damage your reputation as a seller, and put other customers off from buying from you.
Of course, there will always be some people who expect you to move the earth for them, but on the whole, customers are generally pretty fair with their feedback.
Here’s how to ensure you get positive feedback and generate more sales via Choiceful.com.
Accurate item descriptions

- Make sure your item description includes all the important details, like size, weight, colour and quantity – check out our home and garden section for examples.

- Mention any defect, however slight –if you are always honest, you don’t need to fear negative ratings.

- If your item is used, don’t describe it as ‘new’.

- Take pictures from different angles and photograph the actual item.

- Make the description easy to read – use bullet points and bold headings.


- Make your policy clear and let buyers know how they can contact you, how quickly they can expect a response and above all, be true to your word.

- Ensure instant communication to keep buyers constantly updated, e.g. ‘Thanks for your order and quick payment – your item was shipped today!’

- Respond quickly to emails and customer queries, especially any negative comments, to turn them around to positive feedback.

- Avoid the customer asking questions by writing answers to frequently asked questions in your listings.

- Treat every customer as if they are special – perhaps include a handwritten thank you note or a small chocolate.

Ship as quickly as possible

- Ship items as soon as possible once you’ve received payment.

- Let buyers know how soon you ship after receiving payment.

- Offer a shipping service that provides parcel tracking ability so buyers can easily monitor the progress of their parcels.

Keep shipping charges reasonable

- Where possible, offer free shipping ( you can always include it in the price of the item). Follow us on Twitter to enter our weekly prize draw to win £30 worth of free parcel delivery with Parcel2Go!

- Specify the different options for shipping – give your customers the option to choose how soon they want their item

- Offer discounts for shipping multiple items in one order – customers are more likely to browse your other products, save on shipping and will leave you a better rating thanks to the good deal.

Make sure you follow these helpful tips to ensure you only get positive feedback each time you sell on Choiceful.com’s marketplace!

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