What You Can Sell Online...


Adam / Published on November 22, 2013

Nowadays everyone knows you can sell stuff online to make some extra cash.

But what exactly can you sell online? And what sells best?


Once you have read a book, you pretty much put it to one side and forget about it, right?

Instead of letting your used books gather dust, sell them online.

C.D’s and DVDS

C.D’s and DVD’s sell very well online. If you have ones that you don’t think anyone will be interested in, consider selling them in a package deal with others.


Furniture can be expensive which is why a lot of people search online for cheaper prices and used furniture in good condition. Look through your home and see if there is anything you don’t need anymore so you can sell stuff online!


The same with furniture, TV’s are something that people often shop online for. You can sell used TV’s for a high price also (that is if the screen size is big enough!).


When new models of phones come out, everyone is desperate to get their hands on them. Or when people lose their phone, they usually buy a cheap replacement until they can get upgraded. Be smart and sell mobiles online.

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