What is retargeting and how can it help my business?


Alice / Published on September 4, 2014

You will probably have noticed by now that some ads seem to follow you around whilst browsing the Internet, even when you’re on Facebook!

Sometimes it may irritate you, but answer honestly, how many times have you been lured back to a website and bought the item you were previously looking at?

This form of marketing is called re-targeting and it’s one of the best ways to increase website conversions.

What is re-targeting?

Retargeting is a successful advertising technique which companies can use to lure back customers and serve them with relevant ad’s which they know the consumer is interested in.

‘Cookies’ are dropped in the browsers of web visitors when they add something to their shopping cart but fail to make the purchase so that companies can re-attract these visitors by displaying ad’s to them elsewhere on the web with the exact same product.

It’s a very clever way to increase sales, seeing as only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. 

How will re-targeting help my business?

Ad’s that follow consumers around the web can be annoying, but it’s even more annoying when consumers see ad’s which aren’t relevant to them at all.

And sometimes they’re grateful for these ad’s as they may have forgotten about a certain product and seeing the ad reminds them to make the purchase.

Re-targeting is the best form of advertising with the highest success rate so it only makes sense to invest in the practice for your website.

Econsultancy also point out that ‘Retargeting also helps to create brand awareness and traction through repeated exposure’. 

Re-targeting can increase ad response by up to 400%, which proves how successful this form of advertising can be.

Have you tried re-targeting yet? Have you found it increase conversions significantly?

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