Weekend Garden Party


Jacqueline / Published on April 26, 2013

As it is Friday, we’re thinking about the upcoming weekend and wishing for plenty of sun. Why? We’re hoping to throw a huge garden party to celebrate the (near) arrival of summer.
But before we can host a garden party for all of our friends, we’re in need of some suitable furniture. So if you’re planning to follow suit, here’s what you will need.
Before you invite a list of guests as long as your arm, think about where everyone is going to sit. While some people may be perfectly happy to sit on the grass, you can bet your bottom dollar that the majority of your guests would prefer to sit on a chair. Here at choiceful.com, we have a whole range of outdoor furniture in our home and garden category, and it’s ideal for times when you’re hosting parties in the garden.
From complete 6-piece garden suite sets, right down to individual necessities, such as tables and foldable camping chairs, we’ve got it all. We’ve even got some plastic chairs for children, which come in assorted colours so they can have their own little garden party, away from the adults.
So if you’re planning to host a garden party this weekend, make sure you’re fully kitted out for the occasion, with garden furniture from choiceful.com.
Share your tips for hosting parties on our Facebook page and check out Twitter for food ideas.

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