Upcycling Ideas For The Garden


Jacqueline / Published on September 4, 2013

When it comes to doing up your garden, there’s no need to break the bank. Take a look at the following upcycling ideas and get creative in your garden.

What do you do with your old broken light bulbs? (Pictured above) The chances are, you throw them away – after all what use could they be? Rather than doing that however, use them to display pretty little bunches of flowers, handpicked from your garden. Simply hand them onto a tree branch for easy garden party decorations. And don’t forget to put water in the bottom! If you don’t have any old light bulbs around but fancy reproducing this idea, you can get your hands on some cheap bulbs from choiceful.com.



Or how about creating an arty flower display like this one? Simply buy some brightly coloured paint and use it to paint some spare tyres. Then build them up to create a floral arrangement with some shrubbery from your garden.




If you have some old jars lying around, don’t let them just sit there gathering dust. You can buy a large pack of tea light candles for next to nothing. Arrange them in the jars for ready-made garden lighting – it’ll set a great ambiance when you have guests over.




If you like to spend time in your garden, how about crafting this water hose seat? All you need is a basic wooden frame and a hose pipe. You may want to take a cushion with you for more comfortable sitting.

We love these upcycling ideas – in fact, we can’t wait to try out a few in our garden.

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