Upcycling for Your Bedroom


Edwina / Published on September 2, 2013

Seldom do people complain about saving money, so to start off this first week of September we’ll be bringing you ideas to upcycle otherwise unused items. Today we’ll be looking at the bedroom.
Wine bottle table lamp
Do you have wine bottles sitting in your kitchen waiting to be recycled? Before you take a trip to the local skip, consider turning it into a unique and eye-catching lamp. This is perfect for your bedroom if you’re after the quirky look, you can decorate the lamp shade to match your current décor. Ohoh Blog has a simple tutorial you could follow.
Bicycle Wheel Clock
Have you ever set eyes upon a clock, and have it surprise you with a double take? Upcycle That have a fantastic tutorial on turning an old, disused bicycle wheel into a clock. The mechanism is perfect for adding character to your bedroom.
Old book bookshelves
Storage is key to de-cluttering any room, so if you have any old books lying around that you won’t get any more reads out of (that Physics book you still have from when you were 14?), be a little creative and use them as a shelf. Real Simple tells us how to do it. Because each book has relatively small dimensions, it means you can be imaginative with where you place them.
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