Top Tips from the Very Best Interior Design Experts


Emma / Published on December 9, 2013

Do you ever look at your home and think ‘what shall I do with it? How should I decorate it?’

Well before you launch into a whole new interior design project, take a look at the following tips from industry experts.

Sam Brine, Amara Interiors

“If you have doubts about a pattern, don’t use it. Instincts are usually right”

Stuart Wilson, Interior Architect & Design Blogger

“Light is everything; natural and artificial. It is always worth spending time on to get just right”

Will Taylor, Interiors Blogger

“Try painting the skirting boards in a statement bright to introduce an accent colour into your colour scheme. This is a fun and quirky way to bring hue into a room without overpowering the overall scheme” 

Jen Stanbrook, Interiors Blogger

“Don’t forget to plan your ‘look’ and create a moodboard to help you visualise the end result”

Kelly Davies, Interior Designer

“Introduce the colour yellow in a Dining Room which is regularly used for entertaining, this bright colour will stimulate conversation”

Nicola Holden, Interior Designer

“Throw in at least one item from a different era or culture to give the eye something to mull over” 

Ginevra Benedetti, Features Editor at Ideal Home Magazine

“See things from a different perspective! Simply rearrange your furniture or move artwork onto different walls”

Laura Oakes, British Designer

“It always helps to take inspiration from one favourite thing. You can literally lift the colours directly from the piece” 

Jeffery Alan Marks, Interior Designer

“Lacquer low ceilings in high gloss paint to make the ceilings feel higher and enlarge the room”

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