Top 5 Tracks of Summer 2014


Josh / Published on September 10, 2014

As autumn approaches and we slowly head into knitted jumpers, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin flavoured everything, which means it’s time to pack away the flip-flops, sunscreen and floral dresses. 

But let us reminisce our favourite hits of 2014 one last time before the sun sets and the leaves begin to fall. 

Here are our favourite summer hits of 2014!

1. Boom clap- Charli XCX

We begin with one of the most upbeat power songs of the summer. Boom Clap was featured on the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and has been in the charts for a total of 8 weeks so far! It’s a great anthem for when you’re in love and  when Taylor Swift or Maria Carey songs just don’t do it for you. It’s fresh and fun and expresses deep emotion through onomatopoeias.

2. Crazy Stupid Love- Cheryl (Feat. TInieTempah)

The comeback song of Britain’s very own sweetheart Cheryl Cole! The single entered at number one in the charts selling 118,000 copies making it the fastest selling single during the summer holiday period. We absolutely love this song and the video.

3. Rude- Magic

This song was probably one of the most fun track of the summer! Inspired by a real life situation, the band decided to change it up a little and turn it into a reggae fusion. The lyrics from the chorus spring into our minds whenever we are greeted with some unpleasant people (Why you gotta be so rude…);)

4. Waves – MrProbz (Robin Schulz Radio Edit Remix)

This song featured some of the deepest lyrics from this summer. It’s about love being complicated and is expressed beautifully by MrProbz. The Robin Schulz remix has been the version topping our charts for a whopping 20 weeks now!

5. Ghost- Ella Henderson

This song is amazing even just based on the and also highlights the different tones of Ella’s voice. It’s not cheesy as you’d expect from an X Factor star and shows off her skill as a real artist. The single entered at number one in the charts and has gone platinum and is still in the top 40 charts at number 12 after 13 weeks! Definitely one of the greatest summer hit this year.

Which is your favourite?


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