Top 5 Most Shocking Game of Thrones Moments


Adam / Published on September 10, 2014

Game of Thrones is known for its gore, sex and it’s controversial storylines.

The most illegally downloaded show ever has made the headlines over the past couple of year for its shocking twists and unpredictable deaths (unless you have read the books!).

With season 4 finishing in June, we’ve decided to countdown our top 5 shocking moments to fill this empty void during the hiatus.

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead for season 1-4)

5. A crown for a King

Now let’s be honest we probably all saw it coming by the way Viserys had been treating his sister and the rest of the Dothraki people. But the way he was killed was not expected. The scene was so tense and it was almost outrageous that Danearys had given the approval for Khal Drogo to pour melted gold over his head to give him the Crown he was so pathetically dying for. We sort of felt sorry for him!It was a horrible yet well deserved death.

Watch the moment here -

4. Ned Stark

This heart wrenching scene was definitely one that made us all realise how attached to this show we were and that the writers and George R R Martin definitely were not playing around. The death of the honourable Ned Stark was shocking because he was the main character and there aren’t many shows around where a main character is suddenly sentenced to death right after he has begged for mercy! We all knew that Joffrey was the spawn of the devil but not so much to kill Ned right in front of his daughter. He is even smiling in that picture above whilst Sansa (also his future wife) screams and cries for him to stop – yikes.

Watch the moment here  -

3. Purple Wedding

Justice has been served! The most hated character of the TV series was killed at his own wedding! It was a gruesome moment and we have to say it took us completely off guard even though there were clues earlier in the episode. The Rains of Castamere was being played by a band at the wedding just like that other wedding (see number 1) but we all thought it was just a coincidence right? It can’t be another death at another wedding? But we were so wrong- just as the king was sipping his wine served by his uncle he began choking violently whilst everyone watched on helplessly. He died a slow and painful death and it was almost sad but we can openly say we are happy to see him gone!

Watch the moment here -

2. The Viper and The Mountain

This particular moment in the show was probably the most awful, misleading, stomach turning scene ever. Oberyn Martell( The viper) and Ser Gregor Clegane (The mountain) were both champions participating in a trial by combat in Joffrey’s murder trial. During the beautifully choreographed fight scene between the two we can see the Oberyn is winning and we were all rooting and cheering for him and we thought finally a good guy would win and something good would happen in the show after 3 seasons of suffering. But then in good Game of Thrones fashion in a split second the Mountain ‘regained’ consciousness and killed Oberyn in such an awful and gruesome way that we couldn’t even include the picture. 

Watch the moment here -

1. Red Wedding

This scene stills keeps us awake at night and is probably what we think of when we receive wedding invitations in the post. Not one, not two but THREE of our most loved and leading characters were killed in one go when once again we thought all was well. As the doors of halls slowly began to shut and that familiar song ‘The Rains of Castamere” started playing, that’s when we and the Cateyln Stark new something wasn’t right and then out of nowhere the attack began and this wedding was just a trick to get revenge on Robb Stark who agreed to marry Walder Frey’s daughter but didn’t, and of course a little help from the Lannister’s we now have three more dead Stark family members.  What made this all even more heart breaking was that Arya stark who hadn’t seen her family for 3 seasons was just outside.

Watch the moment here -

And thus with those moments and probably many more to come we learn that we just shouldn’t have favourite characters in Game of Thrones as they are most likely going to get killed when you least likely expect it!

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