Top 5 Autumn/Winter 2014 Beauty Trends


Josh / Published on September 30, 2014

This Autumn/Winter 2014 is all about challenging those cyclical beauty trends that crop up year after year, giving them a much needed new season makeover. Forget any preconceptions of what conventional autumn/winter make up should look like as even the most time honoured of trends have had a total revamp this season including the feline flick and the traditional red lip. Let’s take a look at our “Top 5 Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends”set to revitalise your look and brighten up even the darkest of autumn days!

Colour Me Quick

From ultra-bright flashes of feline liner to full on shadow cover, this fall is all about pushing the limits of colour. Blue eye makeup has quickly become the focus for AW14 with shades of sapphire, azure, cerulean and cobalt taking centrestage.

Precious Metals

Muted metallics stormed the AW14 runways as we saw over the top eye shadow and lip combinations to delicate touches of striking metallic illumination from designers such as Rodarte and Donna Karan. Think muddy bronze and rose gold glows.

Luscious Lashes

Doll like lashes with both the top and bottom sets receiving full attention are set to storm this Autumn/Winter to create a wide awake, Twiggy-esque look for all to envy. However, there has also been hints towards a more understated, raw beauty with the departure of mascara altogether.

Line Them Up

Whether you prefer a sleek winged liner or are more of a smokey, ‘lived in’kind of lady you can’t go wrong either way this season. Liquid smooth flicks lined the lids of Dior whilst Lanvin and Burberry took to a more effortless, brush stroke effect to their liner on the Autumn/Winter runways. The choice is yours.

Barely There

That time honoured trend we see year after year has returned this Autumn/Winter. However, this time round the trend has taken on a more ‘Sports Luxe’focus with dewy skin, neat brows and minimal effort perfection. Taupe eye shadows and fresh faced highlighters achieve a flawless take on neutral make up.

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