The Science Behind Throwing a Great Party Inside Your Home


Josh / Published on September 27, 2013

So, you have decided to throw a party at your home, and you want to make sure your guests have a great time!
There are certain elements to throwing a great party, but the main thing is that you utilize all of the space your home and garden has to offer, ensuring your guests never get bored and thoroughly enjoy themselves.
Decide on a theme
The first step is deciding on a theme. 
You may not have thought about having a theme for your party, but what makes a great party from an average one, is pulling it all together with a theme!
Having a theme instantly sets the mood and atmosphere for your party.
You could have a Moroccan theme with Moroccan food, lighting and decorations, or you could go for a subtle French theme. 
Whichever you decide, don’t forget to include your garden when changing the look of your home; how your garden looks will add to the excitement and feel of the party.
Hire waitresses
This may sound expensive, but you can really turn your party into something classy and upmarket by hiring a couple of waitresses.  The point is to have them walk around, filling people’s drinks up and offering them canapés to eat. 
You can buy affordable canapés from M&S, or even Iceland if you are looking to throw a party on a budget.
Dress up your garden
Make sure the outside of your home looks done up also. Even if you aren’t planning on having the party outside, there will be no doubt be a few smokers who gather outside.
You want your lawn to be well manicured; no weeds showing and flowers should be in full bloom. You can always add a few hanging baskets of flowers for an extra touch.  
If you are planning to make use of outside space, then equip your garden with some garden furniture. You could either borrow some from friends, or buy some for cheap.
To ensure your guests aren’t cold, invest in an outdoor heater. You can get small but powerful ones for just £40!
Pre-plan the music
Last but not least, one of the most important elements to throwing a party is ensuring you have great music playing non-stop! 
Speak to your guests and ask them to tell you their three favourite songs. 
Then make a playlist with all of these tracks to play, without having to stop and change the music. 
This will ensure all of your guests enjoy themselves with their favourite music on!
What is your number one priority when it comes to throwing a great party?

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