The Friends Apartment in Miniature


Jacqueline / Published on August 23, 2013

This week we’ve given you exclusive access into famous homes from movies and television shows. Today however, there will be a slight twist. We’re going to investigate a miniature version of US sitcom Friends’ Monica Geller’s apartment. The amazing thing about the pictures you’re about to see, is that they were hand crafted out of paper by Brazil-based artist Bruna Salvador Conforto. We are certainly impressed with just how detailed these creations are. Here is the Friends apartment in miniature.

Check out the incredible detail gone into replicating the kitchen cupboard – the tub of Pringles looks so real and you can just about make out the box of Quaker Oats porridge. (Pictured Above)


Here is the infamous purple door – he’s even recreated the spyhole. We love the pans suspended from the exposed brickwork, and the vase of flowers displayed on top of the meticulously tidy shelving unit – well, it is Monica’s apartment. First impressions count – brighten up your front door with a lick of paint.



We’re in awe at the incredible attention to detail from Bruna Salvador Conforto. Not only has he perfectly replicated the squashy sofas and low height coffee table, he’s even recreated cushions, candles, patterned lampshade and miniature magazines. And if you look closely, you’ll see a mini framed photo of Ross and his son Ben to the left, and Chandler and Monica on their wedding day straight ahead.



And finally, here’s what the model looks like in full. It’s hard to believe that this has all been crafted from paper isn’t it? This creator is one talented guy.

We think this miniature version of the Friends apartment is great – do you agree?

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