The 5 Worst Things you Could Do For Your Online Business


/ Published on October 7, 2013

If you are just starting out in business or have been up and running a while but are struggling to gain and retain new customers, then this post is for you!
There are lots of articles about how to succeed in business, but what about what not to do?
Certain things can affect how well your online business does, so take heed of the following and make sure you don’t do any of these!
1. Ignore your customers
You can’t afford to ignore your customers, as they are the heart of your business. Make sure you reply to every email and that you listen to any feedback. If you are a start-up, ask your customers if there is anything you could improve upon. Remember that the customer is always right!
2. Ignore your online reputation
Far too many start-ups and SME’s are guilty of neglecting to listen what people are saying about them. Your online reputation can make or break you.  Set up Google alerts so you get an alert whenever someone mentions your business online, or if you want more in-depth analysis, try Brandwatch.
3. Deliver parcels late
Delivering parcels late is a big no-no if you want your online business to succeed. Make sure you use a reliable and trustworthy courier service and track all of your deliveries. Let customers know if there is a problem straight away so avoid any backlash.
4. Listening to every bit of advice you receive
One thing you should avoid when starting up in business is listening to everyone who tries to advise you. This can overly complicate things as you try to do everything at once. Stick to the basics and go with your gut instinct. You don’t have to be on Pinterest just because it’s the latest social network to go up in popularity.  You know what’s right for your business.
5. Setting up your email database system late
One big mistake start-ups tend to make is forgetting to put an email system in place right from the start. Many established businesses will tell you this is their biggest regret! Choose a CRM database which is perfect for your online business and get it set-up for your very first order.
We hope this list has helped you so you can begin your route to online success!
Can you add to this list?

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