The 5 Worst Mistakes to Make When Renovating Your Home


Laura / Published on December 18, 2013

Renovating your home can be an exciting time but it’s easy to get carried away and get lost in the details.

Whether you are renovating for the purpose of increasing your home value or to update the look of your home, make sure you’re aware of the common mistakes people tend to make whilst doing up their home.

1. Wrong Measurements

Accurate measurements are essential for getting the look you desire. They need to be on point because getting even just half an inch wrong can mess it all up. If you are unsure you are measuring correctly, get someone else to double check for you. Better to be safe than sorry!

2. Cutting Corners

You may be on a tight budget when renovating but don’t cut corners, otherwise you will pay for it later. StyleAtHome rightly point out that ‘High quality workmanship comes at a price and leads to a higher value property and a better built home’.

3. Buying before Planning

When you see something you love, it’s almost impossible to resist buying it. This is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make! But you need to plan your renovation before you buy anything. That high tech LG fridge may look amazing in your kitchen but if it’s too big to fit then you will be utterly disappointed and out of pocket.

4. Forgetting about Regulations

Some people forget there are certain rules and regulations in place when it comes to renovating so make sure you check that you’re allowed to do what you want without needing planning permission or permission from your neighbours. And remember it’s a criminal offence if you don’t comply with the law.

5. Hiring Someone Inexperienced

When renovating your home, sometimes you can’t do it all yourself. So you may need to hire a tradesman to help you. But make sure they are reputable and can prove their qualifications and skills before hiring them. See here for our top tips for hiring a builder.

However there are some things you can do yourself which are easier than you think! Check out our beginner’s guide to DIY for women.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you remember the vital elements when you do up your home so now it’s time for the fun to start!

Good luck

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