Quirky Celebrity Bathroom Designs


Jacqueline / Published on August 16, 2013

Bathrooms are usually the most private place of the house, but not anymore. Today there are no holds barred as we take a sneaky peek into some of the quirkiest celebrity bathroom designs. Love them or hate them, these bathrooms are certainly different to any bathroom we’ve ever seen.

Beyonce: She may be a world-famous singer, Jay Z’s wife and overall Queen Diva but we think even that doesn’t excuse Beyonce’s bizarre choice of pink glittery bathtub. (Pictured Above)



Mariah Carey: The last thing we expected from Mariah Carey would be a shrine to Hello Kitty. The singer’s bathroom is adorned with all things Hello Kitty, from cuddly toys to towels, bathmats, and slippers. Even her shower curtain is Hello Kitty.



Christina Aguilera: No-one shows off her personality with her bathroom more than pop star Christina Aguilera. Her taste in all things eclectic can be seen in her choice of bathroom décor, which contains a freestanding bath, fireplace, Lulu Guinness rug and various assortments of candles.

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