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Jacqueline / Published on June 10, 2013

A television has become the centre piece in most households. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the soaps, a film buff or like the radio playing through it while you’re cooking dinner, there’s no doubt that it’s a big part of our daily lives.
Since the first British television broadcast in 1929, we’ve seen a colourful history that started off with black and white sets, jetting through to plasma, LCD technology and most recently: 3D TV.
Plasma and LCD TVs are most widely used in households. LCD stands for ‘Liquid Crystal Display’ technology – the same used for mobile phones, computer monitors plus more. They use 50-70% less energy than standard CRT monitors and unlike Plasma, they’re not affected by screen burn-in.
However, the display is poor in direct sunlight whereas plasma screens have better contrast and so details show up better in dark scenes. Both have 1080p models and so the resolution is similar, though LCD TVs use 50-70% less energy compared to standard CRT monitors and are light in weight compared to plasma sets. However, plasma enables the user a better viewing from any angle that is off axis than LCD, and has better contrast and finer details in dark scenes. 
Because LCD models have a matte finish display, they perform better in bright living rooms whereas due to plasma TVs’ highly reflective surfaces, they work better in dark rooms, preferably with no windows or where the room can be darkened.
As LCD sets are more widely available, they tend to be less expensive than their plasma counterparts. As it stands, only a handful of manufacturers still make plasma, indicating that demand is low.
Both plasma and LCD TVs are capable of 3D viewing, though plasma is seen as being the more compatible of the two. With its high costs involving the need to buy 3D glasses as well, this bit of technology isn’t looking to be common in most households for at least another few years.
After hearing for and against arguments for both types of TV, which would you choose? At Choiceful we strive to bring you insightful tips on all things Home and Garden and with the TV being a key member of most living rooms, we thought you would find this helpful!
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