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Jacqueline / Published on May 17, 2013

Are you one of those homeowners who love to have a vibrant and colourful garden, but all too often is left with plants that have withered in the harsh UK climate? Here at Choiceful, we love to bring you daily tips and advice for taking care of your home and garden, and today is no different.
That’s why today we’re going to focus on how to extend the life of your plants. The size of your garden is irrelevant – you could own a huge garden or only have a balcony garden; it doesn’t mean you are any less green-fingered.
For plants to remain healthy and grow tall, they require sunlight and water. Neglecting to water your plants regularly can result in them becoming dry, shrivelling up, and dying early. Instead, make it part of your routine to water your plants. Invest in a handy watering can from We stock both large and mini watering cans so you can easily quench the thirst of even the smallest of plants.
Some plants can be given plant food in order to aid and supplement growth and vitality. This is usually mixed in with the water you use to water the plants with. What’s more, if your plants have a habit of growing and spreading fast, you can keep them healthy by regularly pruning them.
Ensuring that your plants are in the correct soil is essential for the wellbeing and vitality of them. For instance, trying to grow plants in clay-like soil that are better suited to sand is unlikely to help your plants grow. Make sure you check what type of soil you have before you start planting.
Do you have any tips to ensure the prolonged life of garden plants? Share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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