Is working from home a smart business move?


Abigail / Published on February 28, 2013

In the aftermath of the news that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has banned all of her employees from working from home, we decided to consider whether or not working remotely is a smart business move.
Mayer insists that all of her employees need to work side-by-side in order for the company to become the best place to work. As a result of her decision however, many of the Yahoo employees will have to make the decision whether or not to relocate in order to be able to work in the office.
Maintaining that “speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work from home”, Marissa Mayer is determined to drive Yahoo to greater success, on the back of many prestigious awards the company has received, including being ranked in the “Top 50 Best Places To Work” by Business Insider in 2013.
As an online marketplace, we’re firm supporters that working from home can be beneficial for both workers and companies. It provides employees with the utmost of flexibility which is essential for the busy lives many of us lead nowadays. Having the ability to shape our work around our lives, rather than having to fit our busy schedules around work can be hugely advantageous, especially for those who have to juggle work with childcare.
However, if you’re planning to move your office to the comfort of your home, there are a few rules to bear in mind in order to ensure your business remains a success.
1. Create a dedicated workspace
Ensure that you make a space in your home where you can work. It needs to be somewhere where you won’t get easily distracted by the rest of your life, so away from the television and your kids’ playroom. By making it into a space where you like spending time, you’re more likely to work efficiently.
2. Limit your digital action
Unless of course working from home requires you to be trawling the Internet, try to set aside a set amount of time each day for checking emails and other online activities. By not allowing yourself to surf the Internet whenever you feel like it, you’re less likely to procrastinate.
3. Make a to-do list
Scheduling your day and setting clear work goals on a daily basis will enable you to structure your time more effectively. Before you stop work for the day, write down a list of tasks and leave it on your desk for the morning.
4. Human interaction is encouraged
If you’re spending all day alone you’ll drive yourself stir crazy. It’s important to break up your day with human interaction so feel free to plan lunch dates with a friend or to phone your mum in the afternoon. It may even motivate you to work harder afterwards.
5. Make use of the flexibility
Figure out at what time of the day you work best. If you’re more productive first thing, get up early, shower, dress, and start the day. You’ll have more free time in the afternoon as a result. If you’re tired of having to do the weekly shop when it’s really busy, go to the supermarket during the daytime and work in the evening.
What do you think? Should companies allow employees to work from home?
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