Interesting Collaborating between MAC & The Simpsons


Emma / Published on September 5, 2014

For the show’s 25th anniversary, MAC has made an unlikely partnership with our favourite yellow family to create a collection worthy of the gracious Marge Simpson.

The collection comes with some real treats! 

2 eye shadow palettes, 2 blushes, 4 lipglosses, 1 set of eye lashes and nail stickers.

This isn’t the first time MAC has teamed up with fictional characters; they’ve previously collaborated with; Hello Kitty, Barbie, Miss Piggy, Wonder Woman, Maleficent and many more.

These kinds of collaborations are great for marketing via TV shows and movies and are sure to attract a wider audience for MAC.

The two eye shadow palettes are the stars of this collection. They are sleek, compact and can easily go into your make up bag. The packaging features some of Marge’s hair and on the eye shadows there is an imprint of Marge’s flirty eyes.

That Trillion Dollar Look Squad is one of the eye shadow palettes that features 4-eye shadows featuring mostly greens.

(In pictured order)

The first one is called Lisa’s spikes and is a yellow/lime greencolour.

Then we have Apple Squisheea radiant Kelly green.

2 Dozen and One Greyhounds is a sparkly olive green colour.

The last one is called Chalkboard dreams and is a deep black teal colour with shimmer.

The second palette is called Marge’s Extra Ingredients Squad and also features 4 eye shadows but with a more purple to blue theme.

(In pictured order)

Harpooned heartis a gorgeous sheer baby pink, very frosty and great for highlighting.

Sexy PB and J is a deep violet with a hint of shimmer.

Beehive Blue is named after Marge’s glorious hair, it is a bright pearly blue.

Lastly we have Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag, a dark purple almost black colour.

(Both these palettes retail at £33)

On to the lip glosses…

(In pictured order)

Nacho cheese explosion is a sheer yellow.

Grand Pumpkin is an orange with pink undertones.

Red Blazer is a fuchsia like almost hot pink colour.

Itchy& Scratch & Sexy is a sheer deep purple.

(Retail at £16 per lip gloss)

Okay, we have to mention it; these products have some of the weirdest and funniest names in true Simpson’s fashion!

The products are great for Simpsons’ fans or even if you’re just looking for some bright and bold products to liven up your make up collection. 

This collection is limited edition so better get them quick!

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