Inside Number 1 Coronation Street


Jacqueline / Published on August 22, 2013

Fans of the long-running television series Coronation Street will no doubt be familiar with the inside of many of the homes. One of the great things about the soap opera is the enormous detail the designers go to into making it look as if it is real-life. Long-time residents of number one are Ken and Deidre Barlow. Today, we’ll be taking a tour of their home.


Kitchen: Do you recognise this retro kitchen? You can certainly tell that Ken and Deidre have lived in this house for a long time – they haven’t replaced those cabinets in years! Get your kitchen up-to-date with kitchen accessories from



Living/Dining Room: This infamous dresser is iconic to number one and really shows evidence of family life, from Ken’s tattered copies of old classics, through to various family photos from years gone by. And those china ornaments – we’re sure that Tracy will be inheriting those at some point in the future.



Bathroom: Remember the time when salmon pink tiles and avocado bath units were in fashion? No, neither do we funnily enough, but we’ve grown to expect nothing less from Ken and Deidre. Check out our range of bathroom products to make sure your bathroom is on trend.


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