How to Plant a Tree in your Garden


Edwina / Published on May 29, 2013

When you have a modest city garden there are some things you wouldn’t consider adding to it – namely a tree. However at Choiceful, with our easy to use guides and helpful tips, you’ll be feeling confident that your green fingered abilities will bring about a tree that’s here to stay. They add depth to your garden – so what are you waiting for?
1) A piece of 50cm string when laid end to end will make a circle of 1m diameter. Measure this out, and then use a spade to remove the upper layer of turf.
2) Now remove the soil to a depth that’s equal to the rootball of the tree. Use a fork to loosen up any areas of compacted soil. This also serves to better anchor the tree.
3) Once you’ve placed the rootball in the hole, fill it back in with compost. Placing a piece of wood across the centre where the trunk and compost meets ensures the tree is planted at the correct depth.
4) After distributing some fertiliser and manure over the compost, make sure there are no air pockets and then pat it down. Now water it.
5) Place a rubber spacer block in between the trunk and a stake. Using a tree tie, attach the trunk and the stake. This will hold the trunk steady as it’s growing. 
6) Then spread a thick layer of bark around the tree. This will keep down the weeds.
At our Garden Centre we have a multitude of tools you could use when planting a tree, be it forks, compost, and plant food.
Do you have any tips for planting trees? If so, share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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