How To Look After Your New Car


Emma / Published on October 8, 2013

If you have just bought a new car, how do I look after it, you may ask?
To avoid any costly repairs in the future, it is essential you look after your car very well.
For automative safety and security, there are certain measures you need to take to ensure you are safe on the roads and your car is secure.
Change your Air Filter
Just like humans need air, your cars air filter helps it breathe easier and makes the engine last longer. However, air filters can become clogged which will mean your engine isn’t working properly, and this in turn can harm your fuel economy and will damage your engine eventually.
How often you need to change your air filter will vary, but check it and if it appears dirty then change it.
For advice on how to change your air filter, click here.
Keep an Eye on the Temperature
Your new car will be very precious, so it’s important you take note when your temperature warning sign turns on. A cars cooling system is vital for your car’s safety and health, so ensuring you have the right coolant level could save you hundreds of pounds in repairs.
You can buy coolant for as little as £3 from petrol stations, so make sure you’re always stocked up!
Do a 5 Minute Speed-Check Before you Drive
Before you go on any journeys, it’s definitely worth taking five minutes to check your car from inside out. See if your tyres look a little flat, or are wearing unevenly and check if all of your lights are working.
Then make sure no warning lights are on once you turn your engine on and that you have sufficient petrol to complete your trip, as driving on empty can damage your car.
Drive Smart
Did you know that how you drive can affect how long your car and petrol will last? If you drive slowly and carefully, your car is bound to last a lot longer, as well as saving you money from not wasting petrol.  Breaking hard or suddenly wastes petrol and driving right into potholes can damage your wheels!
Clean any Mess Straight Away
Take care of the exterior and interior of your car by noticing when it’s dirty and ensure it gets cleaned straight away. If a pigeon decide to relief itself on the outside of your car and it dries up, it can ruin your cars paint. If you spill any liquids inside your car, make sure you clean it straight away to avoid staining your car permanently.
Just by following the above advice will make sure your car lasts longer and runs smoothly. Owning a car can become expensive, as cars need a lot of maintaining, so just keep an eye out and run regular checks and you should be fine!

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