How to Increase your Online Sales


Adam / Published on December 13, 2013

As an entrepreneur or small business, your number one priority is your sales figures, making sure they are high enough so you don’t land yourself in trouble.

But if you are struggling to gain momentum in online selling, there is one way you can increase your online sales.

Sell Across Different Borders

You can boost sales by selling into different markets.International selling may seem daunting but it’s a great way to expand your reach and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are some tips for selling online in different countries;

Provide the right specifications

Different countries usually have standard measurements that they use so find out what’s most popular in each region so you can edit your listing accurately.

Having the wrong use of measurements can put people off from buying from you.

And make sure it’s clear if you are selling something that will need special requirements, i.e an adapter as the plug is for UK sockets.

Use the same language

Americans spell some words different and they use them differently too so when writing for your listing, make sure you use the same language as the country you wish to target. For example, Australians have many different types of slang so research first beforeselling your product online.

Research thoroughly about different markets

Understanding the markets you wish to sell in is vital to successful international selling. Find out what sells well and what doesn’t. If you are able to provide something that’s hard to get in a certain country, you could potentiallyincrease your sales dramatically through selling via an online marketplace.

Provide concise disclaimers

Lastly, make sure to include detailed disclaimers to avoid any unhappy customers or disputes over shipping. Make it very clear what the customer can expect and how returns will be handled.

If you haven’t thought about selling internationally before, we hope we have given you some food for thought!

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