How Online Selling Can Be The First Step On The Career Ladder For Graduates


Abigail / Published on March 1, 2013

Are you a recent graduate who’s struggling to find work? Although employment figures have recently taken a slight upturn, it’s still those in the 16-24 year age bracket that are suffering the most.
The BBC News Team tracked unemployment figures between October and December 2012 and found that during that time, the number of 16-24 year olds looking for work peaked at over one million, with 974,000 looking for work.
It’s not all doom and gloom though. The recession has led to a decrease in the number of jobs available, and unfortunately for young people, as they are the least inexperienced, they tend to be the worst affected. So the solution is to create more work.
You could make the most of your time by selling your unwanted goods online for a profit via marketplaces such as
With no listing fees and the chance to list an unlimited number of products, you can expand your range of goods to a size that suits you.
Try not to lose hope with the job situation. You have to remember that the most successful business people started their careers with the same qualifications as you, and some may not even have gone to University.
Start small but think big and before long, you may find that you’re successful enough to expand to your own empire, and from there on, you’ve made it as an entrepreneur.
So give your CV a boost today and start scouring the house for unwanted items that you can sell online via our home and garden or health and beauty categories. The business skills you’ll learn over time as an online seller will more than qualify you to run your own business in the future. also loves to give online sellers incentives to keep on selling so check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out how you could win big prizes.
Don’t become another unemployment figure – use the online market to your advantage and run your own business from home today.

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